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Sha’Carri Richardson unintentionally became a lesson on empathy toward black women. Her name is one many did not know before she qualified to compete in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. But in just one week, hers became a name that many will never forget for a completely different reason: for being disqualified from competition due to marijuana use.

In the uproar, critics of the athlete questioned her professional commitment, discipline, and work ethic; but few considered her mental health state or the impact of unpredictable trauma responses to loss and performance. Most surprising was the collective lack of empathy for “Why?”…

The past two weeks have been emotionally charged for Americans, but it’s been particularly heavy for black and brown folks in America. In the span of 7 days, we have re-lived the horrible events of Summer 2020 with the George Floyd trial, watched a uniformed member of the military get the civilian black man treatment from the police without any evidence of provocation, and we learned that a 13-year-old complied with officers’ commands only to lose his life within seconds of compliance. …

In 2016, just take a look around America and its obvious that the country is currently embroiled in a state of hate. Hatred in politics have deepened political lines, belittled the political process to the level of elementary school name-calling, and obstructed meaningful discourse. Hatred in communities have pitted neighbors against one another, re-instituted racial barriers, and motivated community members to take a violent stance against authority figures. Is there a neurobiological basis to the hate — does one even exist? An age old debate has questioned whether hatred is learned or innate. …

SL Simms

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